Our Scope:

  • BIM Workflow and Consulting for Infrastructure, Engineering and Architecture
  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural, Structural and 3D Reinforcement Detailing
  • Finite Element Analysis

Field of activities:

  • Infrastructure
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Metro Design
  • Building and Industrial Design
  • Geotechnics
  • Architecture
Architecture using BIM technology, generative ai

Our Scope:

  • BIM
  • Conceptual Design | Structural Modelling and 3D Reinforcement Detailing
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Conceptual and Detailed Design

Field of activities:

  • Bridge Engineering
  • Metro design
  • Building Design
  • Geotechnics
  • Steel Design and CFD Analysis
Architecture using BIM technology, generative ai

Welcome to CEE3 – Your Trusted Partner for Sustainable High-End Structural and Civil Engineering

At CEE3 engineering isn’t just our profession, it’s our passion. We are a dedicated team of experts driven by our love for creating exceptional structures that stand the test of time. With a relentless commitment to quality and innovation, we redefine the boundaries of engineering excellence.


We Care:

At CEE3 we understand that every structure we design has the potential to shape communities and transform lives. That’s why we approach each project with a deep sense of responsibility and care. Your vision becomes our mission, and we go above and beyond to ensure your dreams are realized.


We Deliver:

Promises are just words until they’re fulfilled. We take our commitments seriously, and when we say we’ll deliver, you can trust that we will exceed your expectations. Our track record of successful projects speaks volumes about our dedication to timely and impeccable project delivery.


We’re Creative:

Innovation thrives in the realm of creativity, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of imaginative engineering solutions. Our team of creative minds consistently generates fresh ideas, breathing life into your visions and making them a reality.


Join Our Team: Job Openings for Young and Innovative BIM Experts

Are you a trailblazer in the world of Building Information Modeling (BIM)? Do you possess a passion for pushing boundaries and redefining the future of engineering? At CEE3 we are excited to offer exceptional individuals like you the opportunity to be a part of our dynamic team as we shape the landscape of modern construction.


What We’re Looking For:

We’re seeking young, creative, and innovative BIM experts who are passionate about transforming the industry. As a BIM expert at CEE3 you will have the chance to work on cutting-edge projects, harness the latest technologies, and collaborate with a diverse team of experts to redefine what’s possible in engineering. For the area of Bridge Engineering and High-Ende Heavy Civil Engineering like Metro Stations.

Meet Our Exceptional Team – A Fusion of Expertise, Youth, and a Nurturing Environment

At CEE3 our team is the heartbeat of our success. Comprising a harmonious blend of seasoned professionals and young, dynamic talents, our highly educated individuals come together to create an extraordinary force of innovation, passion, and expertise.

Highly Educated Professionals – Mixture of Youth and Experience – Good Working Atmosphere

With each team member contributing their unique strengths, we form a cohesive unit that transforms engineering dreams into reality. Join us on a journey where experience meets innovation, and where a supportive working environment ensures that every member of our team flourishes.

Branko Nedić

Marija Karajović

Robert Herceg

Aleksandar Ostojić

Duško Dimitrijevič

Đorđe Sugaris

Marijana Pušonja

Veljko Milanović

Filip Andabaka

Ana Dragićević

Danko Cvetković

Contact us:


Ulica Dragoslava Jovanovića 13 | 11000 Belgrade | Serbia


+381 11 457 6472 | +381 11 457 6473
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